Music is a huge part of the developmental process for most fashion labels, and Andrew Coimbra is no exception.

As a way of exploring and communicating that, we've decided to link up with local and international DJs to present monthly mixes where the DJ gives us their art as a representation of their work and energy and we share it (after freaking out over how delicious it is). 


February 2018


The first of the instalment begins this month with none other than resident cutie (seriously, he's a babe 😍) and rude boy DJ Karim Olen Ash. 

Karim's work is deep, soulful, expressive and - in Andrew's words - cunntttyyyyyyyyy. It's undeniably seductive and lighthearted, which makes it all the more enjoyable.

Find yourself a dark space with people you love and get ready to sweat and writhe to this one. You won't be able to control yourself. 

photo by the ever-talented Patrick Lacsina ❤️

March 2018


Toronto-based DJ duo BADWOLF brings the bounce with this dark, multi-faceted mix of dance, pop and EDM tracks.

The second of an ongoing project with local and international DJs collaborating with the brand to explore the nuances of music within fashion, we couldn't be happier to have BADWOLF bring their own brand of night-creeping, dance-until-you're-too-sweaty goodness to the project.

Let the beat control your body.

photo by the boo Joe Bulawan❤️